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The Bat Cave in Hua Hin
Bat Cave
Experience the amazing sight as thousands of bats go hunting!
One of the slightly more different holiday experiences you can get if you take a trip to the neighboring town of Cha-Am, which is located approx. 12 miles north of Hua Hin.
About 20 min. driving outside Cha-Am you will find a sight or rather natural phenomenon that not many tourists know. The place is called locally Nayang Bat Cave ..

Every single day of the year, tens of thousands of bats go insect hunting, at one and the same time, from the mountain caves. The formation of the many bats flying out from the side of the mountain actually looks most of all like a huge cloud of smoke. A breathtaking view in the beautiful mountainous natural landscape ..
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How and when can it be experienced?
Near the mountain where you have the most beautiful view, there is a farmer who on his land has set up a viewing platform, where you have the best opportunity to experience the spectacular view..

Depending on the season, it is all usually over when the time is around kl. 18.30 so we recommend that you are on site around kl. 17.30 or at least a while before sunset, so you are sure to hit the exact time which is usually around kl. 18.10.

Address: Na Yang, Cha am, Phetchaburi 76120, Thailand (see map at bottom of page)
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